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I’m a life designer, a joy strategist and a purpose finder.

I'm here to connect you to what lights you up in life and to guide you to design a life in which you feel deeply fulfilled, aligned and inspired by.

It is my role to help you awaken your full potential, to move you from struggle to joy and to weave a new life story - one that you will love. 

I like to call this Living on Purpose



‘Either you run your day or your day runs you’
- Jim Rohn

Enjoy 30 days of inspired morning rituals and routines to help you start your day with purpose, intention and self care. 


'Believe in your heart that you are meant to live a
life full of passion, purpose, magic and miracles’.

- Ray T Bennet



“The purpose of life is to discover your gift; the work of life 
is to develop it; and the meaning of life is to give your 
gift away.” — David Viscott.

Living on purpose happens when you decide to sit in the driving seat of your life and choose your own destination. No longer does life accidentally happen to you, you create the life you desire with intention and meaning.

Living on purpose is about finding your passionate calling in life and using this calling to serve others with your unique gifts and talents. There is no one in this world like YOU, so let your light shine brightly.

When you live on purpose you become clear about ‘why’ you do what you do, and how you want to feel in every aspect of your life. When you are out of alignment with your purpose you can feel frustrated, uninspired, alone or overwhelmed.

As a coach I am here to help you rediscover your spark, to enable you to let go of what’s holding you back and create, with intention, the purposeful life you desire. 

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Balancing your Masculine and Feminine Energy

November 21, 2017

Hello there,Some of us get to a point in our lives where we ask “what is this all about?”. What is all this pushing, forcing, rushing and ...


What Lights You Up?

November 21, 2017

What lights you up? This is probably the question I ask my clients (and myself) more than any other question. Is what you are doing in life right now ...


  • Simone has been instrumental in aiding me through a very tough personal and professional transition period. While I was sceptical at first on working with a life coach, Simone’s personal approach quickly made me feel very comfortable and taken care of. The process was perfectly tailored to my needs and to my great surprise, all the answers we search for lie within us and Simone knows how you can access them, she was the perfect guide. After 6 weeks of working with Simone, I have developed the tools and expanded my self awareness to come out of a seemingly hopeless situation with more energy and excitement of what the future has to bring than ever before. I recommend anyone who feels stuck, lost or is in need of some guidance to get in touch with Simone. I guarantee you that all looks brighter at the other end, it certainly has for me.
    Lukas Hirsch, London

  • When I first met Simone I was struck by her grounded yet beautifully light presence. Then I started taking her sessions and was blown away. Simone has the ability to make you look at what is holding you back in life then transform it into a positive. I highly recommend to anyone at a crossroads or simply wanting to be a better brighter version of themselves.
    Alex Power, Los Angeles

  • I cannot speak highly enough of the guidance and support Simone Denny gave me when I was at a crossroads in my life. Simone guided me on a journey towards a much more positive, loving and healthier me. Through working with Simone, I have become more accepting of myself and others. Attitudes and beliefs, I once unconsciously held towards myself have now been replaced with beliefs more aligned with compassion and kindness thanks to Simone’s counsel. Admittedly, I was a little scared of the “changes that could be made”, that Simone gently encouraged me to “look at”, but at no stage did I feel like I was being forced into any changes that I wasn’t ready to address. I trusted her with my most intimate and traumatic thoughts and experiences, and she carefully held me in a space of loving kindness. Simone Denny’s life coaching has been a life changing experience for me and I truly thank her with all my heart for guiding me and giving me the skills to travel in a much healthier direction on this journey of my life.
    Debbie Thomas, NSW Australia


Today I’m grateful to wake up here each day next to my ‘real man’ of a husband and what I mean by that is the someone who can hold space for me to be 100% me (the good the bad and the ugly) and is not afraid or threatened by my tenacity, passion and my many imperfections. I am grateful for his open arms and his ability to see my soul rather than my reactions. I am grateful to be with someone who makes me want the raise my bar and who leads by example every single day - that for me is a spiritual human 💛 Big Gush @jimmyh2000 ! . . #gush #relationshipgoals #goodhuman #spiritual #uncoditionallove #love #realman #raisethebar #roomwithaview #waiheke #grateful #purpose #holdthespace #held #supported #leadbyexample #jamsie #morningritual #gratitudepractice #lifecoach

Today I’m grate...

Raw Vegan Cheesecake - 100% natural. I made this for India’s birthday on the weekend (she requested a rainbow cake for the second year in a row). I made each of the 6 layers separately with all the beautiful colours that nature has to offer 🌈🌈🌈 I will Be sharing the recipe on the Nourishing Hub 💛 . . #rawrainbowcake #raw #rawfood #rawcheesecake #naturalcolours #naturescolours #vegan #vegancake #glutenfree #dairyfree #refinedsugarfree #nature #rainbow #chemicalfree #foodalchemy

Raw Vegan Chees...

After feeling a little frazzled this Monday morning I took some time to reconnect to myself. My natural instinct is to dive head first into my laptop and get stuff done! This morning I could feel I needed a different approach. I did some overdue journaling to bring me into alignment (I’ve been a little off) and set my intentions for the week ahead. I used my beautiful new scared creators oracle to bring me some extra guidance - thank you to my beautiful friend who gifted them to me. We are always given the right answers when we take the time to ask the questions. . . #purpose #lifecoach #intentionsetting #sacredcreatorsoracle #spirituality #crystals #charcoal #mindful #source #askandyoushallreceive #regroup #intentionalliving #calm #workingfromhome #transformation #love #oracle #minddetox #personalcoaching #guidance #ask #universespeaks

After feeling a...

Sneak peek at India’s birthday today - it was a rainbow fairy party complete with raw vegan rainbow fairy cake (recipe coming soon) and lots of magic 🌈🦋💛 . . #rawfood #magicalkidsparty #fairyparty #healthyparty #magic #fairy #healthykidsparty #refinedsugarfree #enhanted #nourishinghub #vegancheesecake #rawrainbowcake #naturalcolours #chemicalfree #glutenfree

Sneak peek at I...

Golden Muesli Bars (Vegan) - coming soon on the Nourishing Hub blog 💛 . #goldenmueslibars #nourish #nourishinghub #vegan #healthyrecipes #homemade #turmeric #antiinflammatory #dairyfree #healthysnacks #lunchboxideas #golden

Golden Muesli B...

YES Australia - yes to equality today 🌈🌈. Love this rainbow of colour from my daughter’s kindy, they mixed their own paints and then chose the coolest paint names 💛 #equality #yesaustralia #rainbows #paint #paintmixing #colour

YES Australia -...

Replace expectation with appreciation - Tony Robbins. Boy did the universe give me a lesson in this last week! Post retreat my expectation was elation, inspiration and energy - reality was tiredness, grumpy Mumma and wife and generally bad form from me! I was perplexed by why I felt like this after living out my vision and feeling so deeply fulfilled through my purpose. The truth was I had to sit back into the reality of the day to day, the mundane domesticity, the nail polish spilt on the floor, the body painting that ended up all over the tiles, the weekly cooking, the get your shoes on school morning nag etc. I attempted not to work for a week but Instead filled my ‘resting time’ with social media, which sucked more of the life out of me and then I finished the weekend taking myself off for the little cry! All the things I was teaching were showing up for me to really get the message (thank you universe I got it!) - find joy and purpose in the everyday, notice the small things and appreciate them, find spirituality in reality. This week I started a fresh - I aligned my expectations, I got back to my morning rituals (so incredibly important for me), I set out to be more present with my beautiful family and notice the important things, I set new intentions and visions for this next cycle (which has to happen when one vision is realised). Most of all I am diving deeply into appreciation - grateful beyond words for the challenging yet necessary teachings, for accepting what I feel rather than what I think I should feel and finally feeling immense gratitude for my beautiful family who love me even when I wobble 💛. This week rainbows are showing up everywhere🌈🌈 - just look at my morning mediation spot today! #gratitude. . . #findyourpurpose #tonyrobbins #appreciation #lifelessons #universespeaks #listen #rainbows #home #guidance #purpose #spirituality #simonedennywellness #lifecoach #minddetox #mindfulness #mindful #meditate #transformation #transformationcoach #peace #harmony #alignment #teachings

Replace expecta...

What does one do after work when you live on an Island? Climb the water tank and check we have enough water! Thumbs up - we have half a tank apparently 😊 #islandlife #ontopoftheworld #tankwater #love #thumbsup #waiheke

What does one d...